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Monday, May 9, 2011

Drug Cartels in Mexico * U.S. National Security Files - BULK SHIPMENTS *** CURRENCY EXCHANGES *** TRACKED CAPITAL CONTROLS BLACK ACCOUNTS - HSBC INTERNATIONAL NON-COMPLIANCE MONEY LAUNDERING ORGANIZED CRIME Criminal "Standard of Proof" Prosecution Files - *USA MILITARIZED BORDER USA* - NSA CSS CYBER COMMAND MISSION STATEMENT *** NEW MEXICO * ARIZONA *** HUB *** CALIFORNIA *** TEXAS - Carroll Maryland Trust - US Department of Justice Tax Evasion Fraud Files - IRS Prosecution Offshore Accounts Case

U.S. Cyber Command was established at Fort Meade Maryland under the umbrella of U.S. Strategic Command the Department of Defence U.S. Government.

Central America buttressed by Caribbean tax haven money laundering platforms remain clear & present danger hotspots of instability stimulated by violent criminal organizations that use drug money to undermine legitimate governments. The northern triangle centered around Mexico Columbia Guatemala El Salvador and Honduras are possibly the most violent places on earth today. Trans-national white collar crime syndicate organizations involved in illegal activities including drug trafficking realize a global profit of a staggering $300 billion to $400 billion supported by a network of banking institutions including HSBC Holdings Plc who are the subject of very serious criminal allegations of money laundering racketeering and obstruction offences in the Carroll Foundation Maryland Trust National Security Public Interests Case.

NSA Carroll County FBI Gerald Carroll Maryland Trust National Security Case:
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